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Custom Showers – Tropical Mirror & Glass

At Tropical Mirror & Glass, we offer a large selection of standard and custom showers & tub enclosures to meet your bathroom’s needs. Whether you need a framed or frame less custom installation, our experienced staff and installers have the expertise to help guide you through the process of making the right choice for you within your budget. We will measure and install as well as sell to contractors or the public.

Frameless Shower Glass

Today’s most modern and luxurious bathrooms all contain frameless shower doors. Furthermore, they are comprised of heavy glass and sleek lines, these showers truly showcase the beauty of glass.


Our Semi-Frameless series of custom showers are designed and built to fit your specific needs using the highest quality materials. Upgrade from a fully framed product to a more seamless design.


Designed and custom built to fit your specific needs, Our Signature™ series therefore utilize the highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for a luxurious steam shower or a custom, lavish framed shower enclosure our glass truly showcases the magnificence of your design.


Featuring sophisticated and striking new hardware, GlideTek™ shower enclosures draw designs to appear minimalistic and elegant. Engineered to deliver top of the line performance, all enclosures in the series feature doors that practically glide open and closed. As a result, these products are truly unique in function and design.

GlidTex from Tropical Mirror and Glass

By-Pass Sliders

Designed and custom built to fit your specific needs, our by-pass sliders employ the highest quality materials. The by-pass slider comes either fully framed or semi-frameless. The by-pass doors allow the panels to slide in front of each other, overlapping to provide access on either side of the enclosure. Consequently, we can customize a by-pass door to include inline glass panels, returns walls, and knee wall panels.

Divided Lites

Fully framed divided lite shower doors are the newest comeback in the high design world! These statement shower enclosures have a modern industrial feel. Their chic design makes this shower enclosure the focal point of any bathroom.

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